“I have a confession to make” > 3/20+21/10

Pastor Davis Riemenschneider, with his 5th message in the Lenten series, continues with spiritual discipline #5: Prayer and Confession.//  Confession is honestly “owning” our selfish attitudes and actions which defy truth and offend God.//  We need to confess them to God and to each other and ask for forgiveness.//  People keep messing up and God is outrageously gracious.//  When we confess our sins to God and to each other, we need to humble ourselves, and pride has no place in that picture.//  Pride ruins marriages, families, friendships, schools, companies, and churches.//  This weeks application is to not only do the T.A.P.  {see message outline PDF page 4}  , but also do the C.A.S.T. prayer  {see message outline PDF page 3},  and notice the larger than usual space for the confession section!//

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