Interior Designers, Photographers, Digital Artists: There’s a space for you.

Our Creative Collective team has relaunched an ongoing project to redesign the Portico entrance hallway this fall.

  1. We are seeking to take award-winning photos of our people/programs that represents our church mission statement.  (We are always looking for more photographers.)
  2. We are working together on the aesthetic design of the hallway space: 5 photo cluster areas; color; etc.  (We are looking for additional people who are interested in interior design.)
  3. We are meeting again on Mon Sep 28 at 7:30pm in the Coffeehouse.

If you have ever wondered if there is a space for creatives in a local church, we hope this gives is your “yes.”

Here are interests we are looking for:

  • Interior Design: I enjoy creating spaces that feel cozy and welcoming.
  • Photography: Using a DSLR, I enjoy taking photos of people or things.
  • Photoshop: I enjoy editing photos or creating images.
  • Illustrator: I enjoy creating logos.

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