Introducing NextGen Staff Team

By Daniel Riem on November 2, 2015

Introducing the NextGen Staff Team (Kids & Teens)
Our church has adapted a team-based approach in our children and teen programming called NextGen (ages 0 through 18 years of age).  We serve as a team, with focused individual responsibilities and shared team roles as well.  We strive to make all of our KidsQuest programing (nursery through sixth grade) and all our Youth Group programing (7th grade through 12th grade) irresistible to kids and teens and helpful to parents.  The NextGen Staff Team is:

Daniel (& Amy) Riemenschneider: Administrative Pastor (NextGen & Communications)
Directing NextGen Staff, People Care & Prayer (11-12th grade students, NextGen volunteers, parents), Youth Ministry (Mentoring Project, marketing, administration), BC Communications (websites, newsletters, marketing)

Nate (& Anna) Kugel: Youth Discipleship (& Saturday Night) Pastor
People Care & Prayer (7-8th grade students), Youth Discipleship (Sunday Morning Youth Group, Small Groups, 6th grade assimilation, student fundraising), Saturday Worship Pastoral Care, Short Film Team, Network Administrator

Daniel Muñoz: Youth Community Outreach Director
People Care & Prayer (9-10th grade students), Youth Community Outreach (Friday Night Coffeehouse, Youth Alpha, serving, student activities support)

Charlie (& Miriam) Audino: Young Families Director
People Care & Prayer, Young Families, Newsletter, Children’s Discipleship (Noah’s Ark Nursery, Children’s Church teaching/shepherding teams)

Victoria Paul: Children’s Outreach Director
People Care & Prayer, Children’s Outreach (Children’s Church experience teams, Crossroads Kids Club, Awana Club, outreach events, Day Camp), Administrator (check-in, data)