IPSAT Course Online | April 19-May 31 2020

Looking for an opportunity to learn and enjoy being with others? Considered coming to the IPSAT Course, or getting a refresher – and now you have time?

You’re invited to a personal development course using the Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT). The IPSAT is designed to help individuals discover, optimize and unleash the resources God put inside them. 

Join us on Sundays 11am-noon and invite a friend: Zoom virtual meeting – open here

If you choose to do the IPSAT Course (for the first time) you will receive a free IPSAT license, 7 weeks of helpful content and coaching, and a personal 90-minute coaching session.

We’re confident this learning opportunity will deepen your understanding of who God made you to be so you can pursue even more intentionally what He put you on the earth to do.

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What is Identity Self Awareness? (IPSAT Course – Module 1)

What attendees are saying about the Course:

“I’m gifted in areas I never imagined. It’s like looking into my soul.”

“It’s so interesting to see how most parts of my identity are complementary. Go figure!”

“While I have taken a number of personality and strengths tests over the years, the IPSAT filled a unique niche by asking me to distill the scores into meaningful observations about myself that have helped me create a personal mission statement that excites and inspires me.”