IPSAT Before Onboarding – Instructions

Please follow these simple steps to get the maximum value from this experience after you create your account:

  1. Be sure to watch the tutorial video on the front and back end of the onboarding process. The videos are short and informative.
  2. There is an Identity Overview Statement Worksheet download link on the final step of the onboarding process (under the video), right before taking the IPSAT. Spending a few minutes with this worksheet before you take the IPSAT will simplify the process of creating the initial draft of your Identity Overview Statement.
  3. There is a video on your IPSAT dashboard to help you prepare for your coaching session. I encourage you to watch it.
  4. There is a link to a pre-coaching prep worksheet on the IPSAT dashboard. It will upgrade your experience significantly if you print that and spend some time reflecting on it before the coaching session.

You can work at your own pace through all the pre-assessments and IPSAT—just go to app.myipsat.com.
Here are some helpful links for where to find the pre-assessments: