IPSAT Value Proposition

Why IPSAT @ Bloomingdale Church?

At Bloomingdale Church we place a high value on discipleship, helping Christ-followers grow into who God designed them to be.  We are on mission together to help people know Jesus as Lord.

Part of the discipleship journey includes being a good steward of everything God has entrusted to us, including our identity profile, the unique combination of personality, strengths, skills, spiritual gifts, and passions.

Few people can figure this out on their own. That’s why we launched the Identity Profile Self-Awareness Tool (IPSAT) at Bloomingdale Church, to help people discover, optimize and unleash the Kingdom Resources God put inside them.

Your IPSAT discovery starts here

The IPSAT is an assessment-based and coaching supported self-leadership journey designed to help people discover, optimize and unleash the Kingdom Resources God put inside them. We have engaged with the IPSAT at Bloomingdale Church to:

  1. Help people identify high impact ministry opportunities based on their identity profile
    e.g. Taking on greater influence and investment because of strong alignment and conviction
  2. Optimize energy of lay people looking to make Kingdom impact and do something meaningful
    e.g. Starting a new ministry or opportunity in life based on their identity profile and passions
  3. Champion new active attenders to increase their engagement by finding their fit
    e.g. Inviting newest regulars and people not yet serving in a high capacity – to engage in IPSAT

Do you know someone who would benefit from understanding their unique Identity Profile? Share the IPSAT here or email ipsat@bloomingdalechurch.org. 

“The IPSAT was an eye opening opportunity to better understand myself. The insights I gained helped me have a clearer vision of how I can serve Christ and my family.” – David, attender at Bloomingdale Church & business owner

“While I have taken a number of personality and strengths tests over the years, the IPSAT filled a unique niche by asking me to distill the scores into meaningful observations about myself that have helped me create a personal mission statement that excites and inspires me.” -Gordon, attender at Bloomingdale Church & Sr Program Manager

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