“Is The Cup Half Full Or Half Empty?”>1-3-10

Pastor David Riemenschneider gets back to the book of Revelation by reviewing what we have covered already this fall in chapters 1 – 20, and showing that Revelation has both concepts of a glass half full and half empty, along with a third concept.//Pastor David reviews the author {John}, the place it was written and the times in was written in.//Half full and half empty concepts are discussed along with how to deal with each one on an individual level.//The third concept is that the glass is leaking, cracked, or the water is evaporating, as in  “life can drain us ” and because we are all sinners, we are all “leaking” our spiritual vitality and need to be revitalized.//The message ends with a list of 5 things we can do to  make sure we  revitalize and replenish ourselves so we do not stagnate spiritually.//