“Jesus is LOOKING for YOU!” > 9/4+5/10

The Text: John 9 //   Jesus sees the blind man begging in Jerusalem that everyone else ignores.  //  Jesus rubs mud in the blind mans eyes and tells the man to wash off the mud in the pool nearby. //   The man is healed and returns, where everyone realizes he used to be blind, and the man testifies to his healing by Jesus. //  Pastor Bill Calvin delivers this weeks message in the series on the Gospel of John; Jesus’ story : investigating what He taught and how He lived. //  Pastor Bill has three main points in the message this week. // 1.] Jesus sees people that others do not even want to see. //  2.] Jesus was sent by God to work for his people, and Jesus says that as long as it is day, WE must do the work of the one who sent Him. //  3.]  Jesus finds people who WANT to be found. //  The message ends with Mark T. asking a few people how Jesus found them. //

This weeks TAP: //    Monday: John 9: 1-12 //  Tuesday: John 9: 13-34 //  Wednesday : John 9: 35-41 //  Thursday : Matthew 23: 1-36  //  Friday : Luke 4: 14-19 //