“Jesus is Wonderful!!”>11-29-09

Pastor Bill Calvin, in his first advent message of the season, illustrates how “Jesus is WONDERFUL” by going thru and analyzing Luke 4: 14-37.//Pastor Bill starts out with a statement of “Names are important” and using Isaiah 9:6 as a starting point, and adding that there are over 256 names in the bible for Jesus!!//Jesus is a WONDERFUL Teacher {Luke 4:15-16}, a WONDERFUL troublemaker {Luke 4:16-30}, and a WONDERFUL deliverer { Luke 4:31-37}.//As a teacher, he taught to everyone’s acclaim and pleasure.//As a troublemaker, in his home town he got the people to go from joy to murderous anger in a matter of verses.//As a deliverer, we all need a deliverer from all our demons and material things that bind us. We need to BE STILL to hear God : Psalm 4:4 and 46:10.//The message concludes with the realization that Jesus expects alot from us because He IS God,  we belong to Him, and because He bought us with his own blood!!.//