“Living To Please” > 8/14+15/10

The Text: John 7 : 1-9 //  The context: Jesus’ public ministry is gathering popularity.// He has performed numerous miracles and has been teaching the people of God’s kingdom.//The disciples are enthused , but are having their own faith struggles.//  Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message in the series on the gospel of John : Jesus’ story; investigating what He taught and how He lived.//  The longing to find approval runs deep in us.//  Peer pressure influences how we act, and an example is given from the “Milgram experiment”.//  Jesus faces social pressure also when the disciples try to convince him to go during the feast of tabernacles and show himself, do miracles, and to go public in a big way.//  Jesus resists the pressure and says ” The time is not right for me yet”.//  Pastor David ends the message with the critical question ” Who am I trying to please, others, myself, or God ? //

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