“Lost and Found” > 4-28+29-12

The Text:  Luke 15: 1-32   …   Note: You may have to click on the “read more” button below to reveal the audio and message outline links.   …   The Context: Jesus socialized with the religious people {last weeks study, Luke 14} but He really liked to hang out with “sinners.”   He compassionately spoke the truth to them without compromise.   They were attracted to Him.   The religious leaders’ derogatory statement of Jesus was a compliment to Him.  {Luke 15:2 } “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”   …   Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message in the series : “The Real Story: The Book of Luke ; Investigating the life of Jesus.”   …   The message begins with the call to worship on how God can get us “unlost”.  This is followed by a dramatic reading on the prodigal son, Luke 15:11-32. {This reading has lower audio, so you may have to turn UP the volume for this reading only. }  Next, as an intro to the message, there are 2 baptismal testimonies that relate directly to the message.  After that, the message continues.   …   God loves wayward people and gladly welcomes them home.   We should pursue the same response toward lost people that God does.

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