Arts of Spiritual Conversation


The Art of Sharing

By Brent Steinke on December 9, 2014

Stepping out into something new and different is scary because we are no longer within our comfort zones. A time when I felt like I was stepping out into something different and scary was when I was getting ready to drive for the first time. There was a sense of excitement but also a deep fear that I was going to mess everything up and cause a 10 car pile up on the expressway. I soon came to realize (as many of you, I’m sure, did as well) that most of my fears were unfounded.

I think sharing our faith for the first time is similar.  I have found that once you take the plunge in starting to share your faith, the fears you once had begin to fade away.

I recently started asking God for help in finding people that want to know more about Jesus. So I had the idea to put a post on Facebook that read:

If anyone has ever wanted to read the Bible, but wanted to talk about what they are reading with someone else, I’d love to read along with you, meet up, and compare notes. Or we could just talk about it. Either way, if you’re interested, send me a message and we could figure it out.

Because of this I had three friends who responded.

I have had the opportunity to share my faith with my friends recently because I prayed for God to open doors and I began to be proactive about stepping through that door. And those old fears are continually being blown away. Being able to tell my friends just how great the God we have has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.