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Jesus Then & Now
A study of Jesus’ life based on the Book of Matthew from Fall 2022.
Real Characters of the Bible
A study of lesser known figures from the Bible from Summer 2022.
What is God Really Like?
A study of the attributes of God from Spring 2022.
The Compassion of the Christ
A study of Christ’ compassion and selfless life from Spring 2022.
The Foundation
A study of Genesis & Exodus from Fall 2021-Spring 2022.
Immanuel – God with Us
A study of the significance of Christ’s humanity from Advent 2021.
Stewardship Series
A study of Christian stewardship from Summer 2021.
Leaders: the Good and the Bad
A study of 1-2 Kings from Spring-Summer 2021.
Our Savior
A study of Matthew 26-27 from Lent 2021.
The End of the Story
A study of Matthew 24-25 from Winter 2021.
The Promised One
A study of Messianic prophecies from Advent 2020.
Following Jesus
A study of Luke 5-6 from Fall 2020.
A Coming Day
A study of eternity from Fall 2020.
There’s Hope
A study of God’s faithfulness from Spring-Fall 2020.
Paid in Full
A study of Jesus’ last days as told in Gospel of Luke from Lent 2020.
For Good
A study of Joseph’s life from Winter 2020.
Light of the World
A study of The Fourfold Gospel from Advent 2019.
Wake Up Call
A study of Malachi from Fall 2019.
Stories by Jesus
A study of Jesus’ parables from Spring-Fall 2019.

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