What is Baptism?
It’s the way Christians affirm our faith in Jesus and declare ourselves to be followers of him publicly, following his example of being baptized. Baptism is the outward symbolic expression of the spiritual change that has occurred in a person’s heart and relationship with God. We encourage followers of Christ to be baptized in obedience to Christ’s teachings.

5 questions you might have about baptism at BC:

  1. When can I get baptized?
    We hold baptism services about three times per year. You can choose when to be baptized and at which service time (Sat 5:30pm, Sun 8:30 & 11am).
  2. What do I have to do to get baptized?
    Attend a Baptism Class prior to being baptized—sign up here. Write and present a short explanation of your faith journey, how you came to be a follower of Christ, and the difference he has made in your life.
  3. Do you baptize infants and children?
    No, we believe that waiting until they are in middle school/junior high to be baptized gives them the opportunity to gain experience following Christ and further grow their faith to the point of being able fully articulate the change in their lives.
  4. Do you baptize by immersion or sprinkling?
    At Bloomingdale Church, we embrace baptism by immersion. The Greek word baptizo, from which we get the English word baptize, means “to immerse, to submerge, to dip.” The Biblical imagery of baptism (Colossians 2:12, Romans 6:4) also references full immersion as a way for us to identify with Christ in his death and resurrection.
  5. Do I have to be baptized to be saved?
    No, baptism is not a prerequisite for being saved nor does one become saved by being baptized. The Bible is clear that belief in Jesus as Lord of one’s life and acknowledgment that he is God’s risen son are key components to being saved (Romans 10:9-10), but it is not mentioned that a person must be baptized in order to be saved. Also, the Biblical examples of people being baptized show that they were saved first, followed by their baptism (Acts 16:25-34).