You're Invited

Wherever you are on your life journey, there’s a place for you at Bloomingdale Church.

Adult Life Groups

There's a place for you to study, grow, and develop life-changing relationships here at BC.

BC Kids

We love our #BCKids and we love teaching them about God and His Word.

BC Teens

We provide a safe place where 7th-12th grade students can have fun, develop friendships, and explore faith.

We know that it can be nerve-racking trying new things, meeting new people, or going to a new church, so we’d love to set your mind at ease by providing some general information and answering a few common questions.

Plan Your Visit

  • Location: 264 Glen Ellyn Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108
  • Service Times: Sat 6pm, Sun 9am, Sun 10:30am
  • Free parking is available onsite, both in front of and behind the church facilities. Front parking is provided for those who have difficulty walking, as the front entrance has a wheelchair-accessible ramp and the distance to the sanctuary is shorter. If you enter through the rear entrance, you will quickly come to an elevator to the sanctuary floor before you reach the staircase.

What to Expect

You are a welcome guest. Your level of participation is entirely up to you. We won’t ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, and if you’re new, we won’t single you out by asking you to stand or raise your hand or anything. A typical weekend includes:
  • Singing (We project the words on the wall, so everyone can join in)
  • Prayer (No one will call on you to pray out loud)
  • Reading the Bible
  • Collecting the offering (This is completely voluntary, and not expected or asked of new guests)
  • A personal story from someone in our church or a drama that connects with the theme that day
  • A talk about Jesus from the Bible (about 30 minutes long)


Our mission is to help people know Jesus as Lord.


What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you’re comfortable in! You’ll find some people dressed in their Sunday best and others dressed ready for the Bears game. We realize that God is not as concerned with our outward appearance as He is with our heart.

What is the music like?

We enjoy live music and singing as part of our worship to God. We also strive to reflect the diversity of our community in our singing, so though our services are vibrant and modern, we also enjoy singing traditional hymns and older worship songs from time to time. Check out our Spotify page to see what we’re singing this week!

What about my kids?

Don’t hesitate to bring your kids to church with you! You’re welcome to have them with you during the worship hour, or click below for more information on our kids’ ministries:

Infants (0-3yo)

Kids (3yo-4th Grade)

Preteens (5th-6th Grade)

Teenagers (7th-12th Grade)

How long are the services?

The services will run for about 60 minutes, but we try to be flexible. Sometimes we’ll end a few minutes after the hour and sometimes we’ll let you out early.

264 Glen Ellyn Rd. Bloomingdale, IL 60108