Awana Club

High-energy game time, music, incentives, and values learning
Age 2 – 6th grade
Wednesdays, 6:45-8pm (Sep 6 – Apr 2018)

Current Club Calendar & Information


Looking for a safe and welcoming club for kids?

Kids enjoy fun with friends, playing organized gym games, singing, learning values, and earning awards. Dedicated volunteers invest in each child.

Kids participate in age-specific groups:

Practical support for your entire family

We offer adults practical video-and-conversation courses during Awana, beginning with a free meal that you can enjoy as a family*. The Alpha Course is a place to explore faith, ask questions, and share your point of view. Financial Peace U offers helpful teaching to gain financial freedom.  The Pre/Marriage Course is a date night for couples to invest in their relationship. Divorce Care offers support for those struggling with divorce or separation. Gather  is a group community including friendship and teaching (2nd/4th Wednesdays, 6:45-8pm)



Click to register your child (payment option included).  Registration is also always available onsite at Awana Club.

Supplies can picked up at any Awana Club night

Supplies Fee: $25

Generous people from Bloomingdale Church have enabled us to charge only $25 per child, which represents the physical materials (shirt, book, bag, awards) your child will receive. We budget for general program costs and supplement physical materials costs. We do not charge a general club registration fee.

We never want cost to prevent your child’s involvement:

Checking In & Checking Out at Awana Club

Bloomingdale Church does everything possible to prioritize the safety of kids, while making your check-in and check-out as efficient as possible.

Children can be checked-in between 6:15-6:45pm.  Puggles and Cubbies may enter their classroom starting at 6:25pm.  Sparks, T&T, and PAK can participate in a supervised open gym starting at 6:25pm.  Club officially begins at 6:45pm.

For your child’s safety, we require an adult to check their children in at the KidsQuest desk.
1) Child will receive name tag (with security code).
2) Adult will receive matching security code (to be used at check-out).

Puggles (Nursery) and Cubbies (Children’s Theater) can be checked-out starting at 7:50pm.  Sparks (gym), T&T (Kids Quad), and PAK (Youth Quad) are to be checked-out at 8pm.

For your child’s safety, an adult with the child’s matching security label must pick up as follows:
1) Adult leader collects matching security label.  (Security label photo sent via smart phone accepted too)
2) Child exits with adult.

If security label is misplaced or a different designated adult is picking up, please stop by the KidsQuest check-in desk to receive security label:
1) Display your driver’s license/ID.
2) Adult’s name must appear as parent, emergency contact, or designated adult at check-in.


If you have any questions, please call the church office at 630.894.0090 or email

Awana Kids Serving the Community – Fall Food Drive

By Morgan L on November 6, 2017

Each year, we hold the Awana Food Drive to restock the food pantry we have onsite to help people in need.  It’s a practical way to help kids learn what it means to give and serve others. Jesus modeled servant leadership and we hope that this event will encourage even the youngest Awana members to consider the needs of others.

Clubbers received (Nov 1) a plastic bag to fill with non-perishable food items and return the bag to Awana the following week (Nov 8). The church Deacons Team collect the bags and restocks the food pantry with the items for people in our community.

Awana Bible Memorization Ideas

By Daniel Riem on October 22, 2017

A foundational aspect of Awana Club is to learn and apply God’s Word to life!

We’ve collected a list of ideas for helping children memorize the Bible:

  • Ask them to say the verses twice and ask them what the verse means
  • Ask them to read the verse to themselves 3 times before they practice with you
  • Sometimes it helps to sing the song or make up hand motions
  • Try breaking the verse into segments while memorizing
  • Write out the verse
  • Ask them to keep repeating it
  • Use 3×5 index cards and write a word or two on each card and then lay the verse out on the table word side up. Cards are flipped over to hide a word one card at a time, saying the verse one or two times each time a new card is flipped. Eventually all the cards are flipped over.

What Are We Learning in Awana? Oct 2017

By Morgan L on October 10, 2017

What are kids, age 2-6th grade learning at Awana Club? We are learning a lot about God:

  • Puggles and Cubbies have been learning about the days of creation. What a powerful and creative God we serve!
  • Sparks have been going through the Konnect series (a resource from Life.Church) about our identity in Christ. Check out the videos we use!
  • In T&T, kids are learning that God is Truth, God is All-Powerful, God is Everywhere, and God is All-Knowing.
  • PAK students are going through the Sermon on the Mount. They recently discussed what it means to be salt and light to the world.

What is Alpha Gather?

By Nate Kugel on September 15, 2017

Alpha Gather is a group of about 30 people who gather once every other week for food, friendship, and growth through teaching, song, and prayer.

Alpha Gather is a group of people who gather, grow in their faith and friendships, and then go into service to the church and community.


Is Alpha Gather for me?

  • Yes! All are welcome.
  • Newcomers who are looking to meet people.
  • People who have been around for a while but want to build deeper connections.
  • Alpha or Alpha 2.0 graduates who are looking for their next step.
  • Anyone looking to take the next step in exploring their faith.
  • Awana-clubber’s parents who are looking for something to do while their kids are having fun at Awana.

What is Alpha Gather like?

It’s laid-back like Alpha, but it’s also intentional about enabling you to continue in your faith journey.

What happens on a typical night at Alpha Gather?

  • Share food.
  • Sing a song or do creative activity to worship Jesus.
  • Read portions of the Bible, hear a short talk about following Jesus, or hear a faith story from a group member.
  • Pray and be prayed for.

What happens on the Wednesdays when Alpha Gather is off?

We’re glad you asked! If you’d like, you’ll have the opportunity to join a Community Group that meets on the off weeks. Whereas Alpha Gather is an opportunity to connect with a room full of people, the community group will give you a chance to go deeper with a tight-knit group.

When does Alpha Gather meet?

Alpha Gather meets twice monthly on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8pm.

It meets for 3 terms a year. Each term consists of 2 meetings per month for 3 months and during the 4th month of the term, the group will “go” and participate in hands-on service.

1st term: September, October, and November meetings; December Service.
2nd term: January, February, and March meetings; April Service.
3rd term: Monthly Summer Cookouts.

How do I sign-up?

Sign-up for Alpha Gather using this form.

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles.” (Acts 2:42-43 ESV)