Awana Club

High-energy game time, music, incentives, and values learning
Age 2 – 6th grade
Wednesdays, 6:45-8pm (Sep 6 – Apr 2018)

Current Club Calendar & Information


Looking for a safe and welcoming club for kids?

Kids enjoy fun with friends, playing organized gym games, singing, learning values, and earning awards. Dedicated volunteers invest in each child.

Kids participate in age-specific groups:

Practical support for your entire family

We offer adults practical video-and-conversation courses during Awana, beginning with a free meal that you can enjoy as a family*. The Alpha Course is a place to explore faith, ask questions, and share your point of view. Financial Peace U offers helpful teaching to gain financial freedom.  The Pre/Marriage Course is a date night for couples to invest in their relationship. Divorce Care offers support for those struggling with divorce or separation. Gather  is a group community including friendship and teaching (2nd/4th Wednesdays, 6:45-8pm)



Click to register your child (payment option included).  Registration is also always available onsite at Awana Club.

Supplies can picked up at any Awana Club night

Supplies Fee: $25

Generous people from Bloomingdale Church have enabled us to charge only $25 per child, which represents the physical materials (shirt, book, bag, awards) your child will receive. We budget for general program costs and supplement physical materials costs. We do not charge a general club registration fee.

We never want cost to prevent your child’s involvement:

Checking In & Checking Out at Awana Club

Bloomingdale Church does everything possible to prioritize the safety of kids, while making your check-in and check-out as efficient as possible.

Children can be checked-in between 6:15-6:45pm.  Puggles and Cubbies may enter their classroom starting at 6:25pm.  Sparks, T&T, and PAK can participate in a supervised open gym starting at 6:25pm.  Club officially begins at 6:45pm.

For your child’s safety, we require an adult to check their children in at the KidsQuest desk.
1) Child will receive name tag (with security code).
2) Adult will receive matching security code (to be used at check-out).

Puggles (Nursery) and Cubbies (Children’s Theater) can be checked-out starting at 7:50pm.  Sparks (gym), T&T (Kids Quad), and PAK (Youth Quad) are to be checked-out at 8pm.

For your child’s safety, an adult with the child’s matching security label must pick up as follows:
1) Adult leader collects matching security label.  (Security label photo sent via smart phone accepted too)
2) Child exits with adult.

If security label is misplaced or a different designated adult is picking up, please stop by the KidsQuest check-in desk to receive security label:
1) Display your driver’s license/ID.
2) Adult’s name must appear as parent, emergency contact, or designated adult at check-in.


If you have any questions, please call the church office at 630.894.0090 or email

Have You Met Helen, a KidsQuest Volunteer?

55 years ago, Helen started volunteering with children’s programming. She has not stopped serving since!

“I cannot imagine not working with children, teaching them to know Jesus’s love. They have an eagerness to learn and accept the truths they are taught.”

“Children’s ministry has its own struggles,” Helen said, “like times and culture changing throughout the years.” Serving while working full-time was a challenge as well but Helen has learned to adapt and ask God for help.

“There’s nothing more exciting than spending time with children. I’m currently involved in Sunday School, Crossroads at DuJardin Elementary School, and Awana. If you want a blessing, I encourage you to consider becoming involved in serving the Lord in some way: Listen to Bible verses at Awana or spend time with some amazing boys and girls at DuJardin on Tuesday afternoons. God will bless you immeasurably!”

Helen’s favorite memory from serving in KidsQuest has been watching kids grow from making gingerbread houses together in Sunday School to becoming current leaders in the church, like current Bloomingdale Church staff members Chris and Brent Steinke. “I get tears in my eyes as I watch these boys and girls grow up, especially to be baptized and serve the Lord.”

At Bloomingdale Church, KidsQuest programs are designed to be fun, safe, and a welcoming place for families. But what makes these programs run?  Volunteers – adults and teens who give their time to serving kids and families. Thank you, Helen, and 200+ other volunteers!

Learn more about being a NextGen volunteer here.

Fun for All at KidsQuest Spring Fest

By Victoria Paul on May 3, 2016

On April 10, kids and families had a blast at Spring Fest 2016! It was all of the fun of a week at Bloomingdale Church’s Day Camp packed into one morning.

Families were invited to a free hot breakfast served in the Common Grounds to start the morning. Many parents stayed and mingled after their kids went to their events. The kids loved the carnival games and filled goodie bags with candy and prizes! They also enjoyed the crafts and a building-wide scavenger hunt, where they found all of the “lost sheep.” Kids and teens alike had a great time getting their faces painted at the carnival and making birdhouses in the craft room. With adult guidance, the Youth Group taught the children all about Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and the ways He cares for us, His “sheep.”

If you had fun at Spring Fest, you’ll love our annual Day Camp.  Join us for more music, games, fishing, and friends. We hope to see you there! Sign up to volunteer or to register your child online at

Thank you to all of the devoted KidsQuest volunteers who make events like Spring Fest possible! Check out the Bloomingdale Church KidsQuest Facebook Page for more photos!

SpringFest 2016  SpringFest 2016 SpringFest 2016 SpringFest 2016SpringFest 2016

A Day for the Races: Awana Grand Prix 2016

By Victoria Paul on March 7, 2016

Congratulations, KidsQuest Racers!

At Awana Grand Prix, kids of all ages worked for weeks designing, sanding, weighing, and perfecting their Grand Prix cars in anticipation for a racing  competition held Sunday, February 21 in the Bloomingdale Church Gym. Cars were split into categories by age group, and the top four racers in each category went home with trophies. In addition to awards for the fastest cars in each age group, there were also winners in the design category, and each car had its own creative name. We hit the road with speed as the youngest age group kicked off the competition (Cubbies, 2-3 yrs old), followed by Sparks (1st-2nd Grade) and T&T/PAK (3rd-6th Grade). The races were rounded out by the Adult Group.

Our fastest cars were “The Rainbow Machine” in the Cubbies group, “Scall” in Sparks, and “Yellow Machine” in T&T/PAK. In the adult category, “The Boatmobile” took first place. In the design category, our first place winner for Cubbies was “Mini Mouse,” while “Splash Mountain” took first for Sparks, “America” won in the T&T/PAK group, and “Bananarama” was the victor in the adult group. Altogether, our racers went home with 32 trophies!

Other highlights of the day were free hot dogs, popcorn, and dessert, and families had a great time getting to know each other in between races. Laughter and excitement were the mark of Awana Grand Prix 2016. Congratulations to our winners!  We’ll see you at the races next year!

Gran Prix 2016 (19)

Gran Prix 2016 (18)

Gran Prix 2016 (15)

Awana Grand Prix 2016

Awana Grand Prix 2016


Why do I serve in Awana?

By Christopher Steinke on September 28, 2015

Why do I serve in Bloomingdale Church Awana?

Awana… Reaching boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ and training them to serve Him.  That’s our motto. That’s our vision. That’s our hope and plan.

And we are not just a few who believe that at Bloomingdale Church. There are the grandparents, the parents, the singles and even the teens who invest in the children who walk in the doors of our welcoming church each week.

I am one of about 85 leaders with the same heart and love for our community’s children.

It is such a gift to be a part of an outward focused church which sees that children and youth are worth the investment of time and energy, planning and finances.

If you want to see what I get to see, stop by on any Wednesday from 6:55pm to 8:30pm, September through April and walk with us. You’ll want to join us in our ministry to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ, and train them to serve Him.

Dona (Jack) Eggar, Awana Director