Weekend Programs


A safe and welcoming place for children, 0-3.
Ages 0-3 years old
Available during all weekend services and education hour
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Workers welcome children to story time and free play with toys, music, crafts, books, a train table, and play gym. There is a room for infants and crawlers, and a room for toddlers.  (Read – Nursery Policies)

A special space to explore faith through story and free play
Sat 5:30pm: Age 4 – 4th grade
Sun 8:30 & 11am: Age 3 – 4th grade
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At the halfway point of every weekend service (Sat 5:30pm, Sun 8:30 & 11am), children are invited to the KidsQuad (Elementary Class) and the West Nursery (Preschool Class) in the lower level for Children’s Church. It is a special space where a community of children come to encounter God by participating in a Bible storytime and engage with the story through free play with music, puppets, crafts, dress-up, arts, and more.

5th & 6th grade youth group developing friendships and applying Biblical truths to life
5th & 6th Grade
Sun 9:45-10:45am & Wed 6:55-8:30pm

We meet in our PAK Room (Sunday mornings, 9:45-10:45am) to talk about issues we face daily as pre-teens. We look to the Bible as our guidebook. We enjoy offsite activities like “Fast Food Frenzy.” We also participate in an annual drama.

Learn the Bible through stories, art, cooking, movies, games, and science experiments
Ages 3 – 4th grade
Sun 9:45-10:45am
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Join us as we learn God’s Word in a new way each week. Each Sunday, your class will “rotate” through storytelling, art, cooking, movies, games, and science experiments as we learn stories from the Bible.

We have set aside spaces for parents with infants during the weekend worship hours:

  • Nursery: A caring, safe place for infants, crawlers, and toddlers. Staffed by screened, qualified volunteers. Lower level Nursery Wing.
  • Parent-Infant Room: A glassed space adjacent to the sanctuary where you and your infant can participate in the worship hour.
  • Live Video Feed – Children’s Theater Room: A contained space where you and your infant/toddler can view the service comfortably if they are not yet ready for the nursery or infant room. Lower level Nursery Wing.

Why Teach Children’s Church?

By Morgan L on January 31, 2018

I just sat next to mom and dad for a gazillion minutes, singing, worshiping, and praying. Sometimes they say big words that I don’t understand. Now it’s the time in the service when we get to go downstairs for Children’s Church. But what do we do when get there? Who will be my teacher and why does she want to teach me about Jesus?   Why would Ms. Denise want to take time out of her weekend to be with me and my three, four, and five year old friends? Do you know what? I think I’ll ask her!

Watch Lyla’s interview of her teacher, Mrs. Denise >>

Why My Favorite Teacher Would Be in Children’s Church

By Daniel Riem on October 16, 2017

If I were somewhere in the age of 3 to 6 years old, I would probably love going to Children’s Church.  As the NextGen Pastor, I’ve sat amongst the children and I too have been mesmerized by teachers, like Ms Denise (pictured below).  From her wealth of experience as a special education teacher in Glendale Heights, Ms Denise knows how to manage a classroom, making all children feel safe and loved.  She always brings out a picture of Jesus, reminding children that they are loved by Him.  In her classroom, we all are learners hearing the amazing stories of the Bible.

Kids Had a Blast Serving at the Bunny Bash 2017

By Victoria Paul on April 13, 2017

Bloomingdale Church loves being involved serving our community. Our volunteers provided a workforce at the Annual Bunny Bash and Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Lions Club and Bloomingdale Park District.

Kids received a balloon animal made just for them, got their faces painted, played in three different bouncy houses, and enjoyed a gourmet ice cream sundae (donated by Graham’s Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream) with lots of whipped cream and sprinkles. The Easter Bunny made an appearance and took pictures with the children as well. Thank you, Bloomingdale Park District for letting us participate with you and the Lions Club in the 2017 Bunny Bash.


Nursery Kids Take Home Bible App

By Daniel Riem on February 22, 2017

Our Nursery volunteers like your kids. They will hold your baby or stack blocks with your crawler. They will play trains, prepare a snack, and make up silly stories for your toddler. They will do all this because they like your kids, and they love Jesus.

We hope we can assist you as you help your child learn about Jesus. That’s why we are using the Bible App Storybook Curriculum:

  • The Bible Story App curriculum is designed to be used at home, as well as in the Nursery.
  • We focus on one Bible Story each month.
  • In the Nursery Toddler Room, children will be read the story using the Bible App for Kids Storybook during the three services. During the Sunday education hour between services, a Nursery volunteer will choose a learning element from the Adventure Book.

We like this resource because it has multifaceted at-home activities and the materials are free: