NextGen Volunteers

2020-2021 NextGen Application – I’M READY TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION

2020-2021 NextGen Policy – READ HERE


We want to help you serve in the capacity and calling in which God has gifted you:

  • START HERE >> Interest Assessment to help match your preferences and the people you care about 
  • Start with a one-time event – Special “short-term” needs are great starting points for new volunteers
  • Come and See – A visitor’s pass to observe what volunteering at a typical program is like
  • IPSAT – Gain clarity on the Kingdom Resources God put inside you:


  • Meet the NextGen Volunteering requirements:
    • Be a safe person who loves God and others
      • Abstain from pornography, cohabitation, illegal consumption, and drunkenness
    • Have character that is known publicly and privately, and therefore: have regularly attended Bloomingdale Church for at least six months, which includes attending a service or group with other church attendees present and/or meeting regularly with a church member
    • Read and follow NextGen Volunteering with Minors Policy
  • Complete annual NextGen Volunteer Application:
  • Application review:
    • References checked by pastoral staff
    • Background check cleared
    • New volunteers will be scheduled for a pre-placement conversation with a NextGen staff
  • NextGen Volunteer status approval
    • Your application is valid for one year ending September 1, 2021 (or February 1, 2022 if completing application after November 1)
    • You must complete a new application every year 
    • Volunteer status can be revoked if conduct is in question


We strive to help all volunteers succeed, which includes:


If you have any questions, please call the church office at 630.894.0090 or email