PAK [5th + 6th]

PAK-purple5th & 6th Grade Youth Group developing friendships and applying truths to life

Sunday Morning PAK

We meet in our PAK Room (9:45-10:45, Aug-May) to talk about issues we face daily as a pre-teen. We look to the Bible as our guidebook. We have a large group lesson and discussion, followed by meeting in smaller groups for projects like art, games, or role-playing related to the lesson.

Awana Club
High-energy game time, music, incentives, and Bible learning.  Wednesday 6:45-8pm (Sep-Apr)

Drama Club
No, you don’t have to have any skills or even think you like drama. We all have a blast while we teach you the skills.  Drama practice is on Sunday mornings, from 11am-noon, starting Sep 24.  We also meet on Wednesday nights from 5-6:45pm starting Oct 4.  Drama, dinner, practice and homework. This is a great place to deepen lasting friendships. At 6:45pm, we hope you will also attend Awana Club.

Summer Events

Offsite Activities 

The PAK Room

If you go around the back of the church, it is the second set of doors. All of our events will start out in this room. Therefore, your parents can drop you off and pick you up there.

Hungry Hungry Humans?

4 teams. 4 laundry baskets. 8 scooters. 225 balloons. Infinite fun.

Have you ever played the classic board game “Hungry Hungry Hippos?” At the PAK January Gym Jam we played our own version of this game, except with students. Laying on scooters, they trapped those colorful balloons with laundry baskets to bring back to their team. The team with the most balloons at the end won the game. We had approximately 30 kids who came and participated and four new friends.

The PAK is a 5th & 6th grade youth group developing friendships and applying Biblical truths to life.  Join us Sundays at 9:45-10:45am (Aug-May), Wednesdays 6:30-8pm (Sep-Apr), and every other Wednesday 6:30-8pm (May-Aug).

Welcome Chelsea (& Jarrod) – Middle School Director at Bloomingdale Church

By Daniel Riem on November 14, 2016

Do you like middle school students? At Bloomingdale Church, we think 5th-8th graders are fantastic. That’s why we have groups just for them – PAK & Youth Group. It is also why we have created a new Middle School Director position.

We are excited to welcome Chelsea C as our Middle School Director. Chelsea and Jarrod are childhood friends from Orville, Ohio and newlyweds (November 5, 2016)! Both came to know Jesus as Lord as children and have chosen to serve Him at Bloomingdale Church, and someday overseas.

We asked Chelsea a few questions to get to know her.

In one word, how would your friends describe you?

What is the one meal you would eat and where would you eat it?
“Horhog” – it’s lamb, potatoes, carrots cooked in this huge pot with rocks all day. Traditional Mongolian food. Amazing! And of course I’d want to eat in the countryside of Mongolia. (Note: Chelsea lived in Mongolia for two years.)

How did you originally get involved in volunteering with children’s/youth ministry?
After I was too old to be a kid in the programs, it was natural to start continuing in the programs as a junior leader and as I got older, a full leader. Awana and Day Camp were probably the main two ministries that I started with. Being a pastor’s kid, I was always helping out anywhere and everywhere. But I’ve always had a youthful spirit so working with kids and teens was where I gravitated.

A goal you have for 2016-2017?
Learn how to cook more than the four meals I now know how to make 🙂  Actually my main goal is to transition well in marriage, moving, ministry and to grow closer to the Lord in the process.

What will you be leading at Bloomingdale Church?
I’ll be serving on the NextGen staff team. I’m looking forward to caring for 5th-8th grade students and helping oversee PAK and Jr High.


Click here for more Bloomingdale Church leadership profiles.  The NextGen Staff at Bloomingdale Church is:

  • Daniel (and Amy) Riemenschneider – NextGen Administrative Pastor
  • Victoria Paul – Children’s Outreach Director
  • Nate (and Anna) Kugel – Youth Pastor
  • Chelsea (and Jarrod) C – Middle School Director
  • Danny Muñoz – Youth Community Outreach Director

The PAK is back!

By Nate Kugel on September 2, 2016


We think it is important for 5th and 6th graders to have a group of friends where it’s the cool thing to do to the right thing.

The PAK (Pre-Adolescent Kids) is a lively junior youth group for 5th and 6th graders  The PAK is directed by Dr. David Beard, retired school principal and Marina Riemenschneider, former public school teacher and gifted children’s teacher. It meets each week on Sunday mornings (9:45am) in the PAK room, an active learning environment that is fun and practical. (Enter via lower level middle double doors on the west side of the Bloomingdale Church.)

In addition to their weekly class, the PAK hosts regular events like the Fast Food Frenzy, Gym Game Night, The Largest Ice Cream Sundae Social,  Laser Tag, campfires, an annual field trip to Wheaton College and performing a mini-play each year. These activities events are intended to foster a positive environment for 5th and 6th graders as they learn together and become better friends.

Sundays with the PAK – A Special Youth Group Just for 5th & 6th Graders

Fast Food Frenzy with the PAK – A Special Youth Group Just for 5th & 6th Graders