Teen Trips & Fundraising


Retreats & Offsite Events

Summer Trips


We provide streamlined fundraising opportunities that have proven to be the most effective for helping our teens raise the needed funds to participate in life-changing trips and retreats.


Throughout the year, various needs within the church or from church members can be assisted by students. (This is funded by the Deacons and youth group.) Students will be called for specific opportunities as they become available. Students who demonstrate a positive work-ethic will be contacted first.

You must fill out a Trip Tix, have it signed by the adult supervisor, and put in the Student Account mailbox. You can also ask neighbors and family if they have any labor in which you can help. Place the cash or check (checks are payable to: Bloomingdale Church Youth Group) in an envelope with a Trip Tix in the Student Account mailbox.
Printable Trip Tix [PDF]

Seasonal Fundraisers

Give a Gift

Cash/Check: Place the cash or check (checks are payable to: Bloomingdale Church Youth Group) in an envelope with a Trip Tix in the Student Account mailbox.
Support Our Teens

First-Time Retreat Scholarship

We want to give students (who have never attended a retreat) the opportunity to attend. Our hope is that after having a great experience, this student will fundraise for future retreats.

The Keith Waterman Scholarship Fund exists to give an opportunity to 7­-12th grade students who have never attended a Youth Group retreat. Please email youth@bloomingdalechurch.org or talk to Youth Staff if you are interested.
Disclaimer: Students will only receive money in their student account for the fundraising activities in which they participate. It is the student’s decision in what and how many fundraisers they do. Please understand that our youth staff/leaders’ primary role is spiritual care and leadership. Therefore, staff leadership of fundraising activities is limited.

Our Youth Group Bookkeeping Team keeps track of every student’s fundraising account (7th-12th grade). Student Account funds can be used for the following offsite retreats only: onMission/LIFE trip, Student Leadership retreat, Disciple Now, Winter Camp.

Student Account funds cannot: be retrieved for non-retreat use; be retrieved at the completion of high school; be transferred to another student’s account (unless siblings); be designated as tax-deductible.

Funds will remain designated to the student until 5 years after graduation and may be used for adult missions trips that BC offers and/or funds may be transferred to a sibling’s student account (with permission from this student and their parent). After the 5 years, the remaining funds will be placed into the Keith Waterman Scholarship Fund which helps students to attend their first youth group trip.

Students will receive a monthly account update in their church mailbox or at Youth Group.