“No Ordinary Man” > March 9+10 , 2013

The Texts: “The Story” Chapter 24 ; Matthew 5,6,7 ; John 6 ; Luke 12    ….    This weeks message is delivered by Pastor David Riemenschneider, the next in the series on “The Story” , a chronological journey through the entire Bible.      ….    The treasures of knowledge are many times just put on the shelf and never get applied. Jesus’ words ARE knowledge.  Anyone in our lives that we harbor bitterness or resentment for needs to be forgiven by us as soon as possible, like today!  The ability to forgive is always in the hands of the one forgiving. Forgiveness is always in our power.    We should not do acts of righteousness for the respect of others or to feel good about ourselves. For whom are we living our faith?   We should not let worry take over our lives, because after all, can we do a better job than God in our lives??   How do we spend our time, talents, and treasures?  What do we value? Upon what are we building our lives, and what will we offer God as our legacy?     ….    This weeks T.A.P.:  Monday 3/11/13: Matthew 5:1-16 [ The Story page 340]  ..  Tuesday 3/12/13: Matthew 6:1-18 [The Story page 341]  ..  Wednesday 3/13/13 : Matthew 6:19-34 [The Story page 341]  ..  Thursday 3/14/13: Matthew 7:13-29 [The Story page 342]  ..  Friday 3/15/13: John 6:32-71 [ The Story page 350].