What’s happening with the North Building?

In mid-summer of 2020, our church took a step of faith and bought the former C&MA Midwest District Office building, which is on the north side of our church parking lot. We got a good deal on it ($50,000 for 4,000 sq. ft.) but there is plenty to do before we can be fully functional.

Our food pantry is using one of the downstairs back rooms and has been gifted two large freezers and a large refrigeration unit by the Neighborhood Food Pantry, a subsidiary of the Northern Illinois Food Bank. The Health Department, the Bloomingdale Fire Department, and the Bloomingdale Building Department already began their rounds of inspections and we can at least begin our work.

Today, Pastor Bill saw Les P. and Josh S. removing the large wrap-around
receptionist desk from upstairs. Thankfully, the carpeting underneath was in better shape than Les had imagined.

Over the past four months, the Steering Committee for this building has been meeting twice a month, writing a mission statement, considering and researching the outreach programs that will work out of this building, and prioritizing what needs to happen to get the building up and running.

Here is our mission statement:

The mission of the Community Outreach Center is to reach people for salvation in Jesus Christ so that they become vibrant Christians in the local church. It is guided by Christian principles:

  1. It is a place where all who serve follow Jesus’ example and Love First
  2. It is meant to be a place where people can have their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical needs met in a spirit of unconditional love without judgment
  3. It is designed to feel less like a “church” and more like a shelter from the storm of life
  4. It should be seen as more than a cold cup of water in Jesus’ name or a place that feeds the poor

Would you be willing to help in one of four ways?

  1. Would you be willing to be part of a 100 strong prayer team for this endeavor? Ultimately, we want to have prayer warriors praying for the ministries and people who are part of outreaches such as Recovery Through Christ, Share the Secret (a Christ-centered, Bible-based small group ministry to help women wracked with the guilt that is theirs due to having had an abortion), and many other groups that will be written about in the near future.
  2. Would you be willing to submit ideas for ministries that are so great that even the unchurched of our community will say, “Our town needs that!”
  3. Would you submit ideas for naming this building? Some submissions we have had thus far include Bloomingdale Community Center, Hope Impact Center, and Hope Center.
  4. Would you give money to the North Building Fund? We estimate that it will take $50,000 to get our building up to code (i.e. a second door must be installed upstairs as a fire exit and the downstairs restrooms are over 40 years old and not handicapped accessible).

Please send your naming ideas and ministry ideas to contest@bloomingdalechurch.org. We ask that you review the mission statement from the Steering Committee to help direct your thoughts for submission of your ideas. We are still rounding up cool prizes for the naming contest.