Ordination Celebration of Nate & Matt: Sat May 2

By Daniel Riem on April 29, 2015

Please join us at the conclusion of the Saturday night service (5:30pm) for the Ordination Service of Nate Kugel, Matt M, and Peter S.   A light reception will follow in the Common Grounds room.

What is ordination?
There is biblical precedent for setting men apart for unique roles within the work of God. Those set apart were and are expected, both by God and His people, to instruct, protect, motivate, and equip God’s people to know and glorify God. In addition men are set apart to lead God’s people into mission, the evangelization and discipleship of the lost, thus actively participate in presenting, building, and advancing His Kingdom.

In the Old Testament we see an example of ordination in the appointment of Aaron’s sons as priests.

In the New Testament we see the same concept in Jesus’ words as He chose and appointed the twelve Apostles and then in the Church’s appointment of Paul and Barnabas for missionary work.

Ordination in the Christian & Missionary Alliance is simply yet powerfully the Church’s public recognition of this kind of a call from God:

  • It is for those men who are giving themselves to a life of ministry and exemplary lifestyle.
    To a life of preaching and teaching the Word of God, protecting God’s people from spiritual enemies and doctrinal heresies, and overseeing and promoting the spiritual development of God’s people. To a life of equipping God’s people to fulfill the Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations”.
  • This public occasion of setting men apart for such ministry is the Church’s affirmation of the candidate’s faithful completion of preparation for ordination through approved education, in-service training, and field experience for a minimum of two years, followed with an examination by a qualified council of peers.

Practically that means that ordinands have written Personal Positional Papers on the topics of:

  1. Christ our Savior
  2. Christ our Sanctifier
  3. Christ our Healer
  4. Christ Our Soon Coming King
  5. Christ’s Body: the Church
  6. Completing Christ’s Mission

Each has read and reported on a dozen or more books surrounding topics that include our heritage as a denomination, spiritual disciplines, prayer, missions, evangelism, sanctification, and divine healing.

Each has attended training events on evangelism, missions, discipleship, and a host of other topics related to day to day ministry.

Each has completed two written doctrinal examinations, one when first licensed several years ago, and the second as one of the final steps in this Ordination process.

Each of the written examinations were accompanied with an extended interview with a Licensing, Ordaining, and Consecrating Council comprised of experienced ministry peers.

Ordination is the affirmation that the ordinands are faithful bearers of what has been handed down.  As men who are submitting themselves in servanthood to Christ and His Church.