Our Neighbor: Jason stays connected

We aren’t meant to do it alone.

“Divorce is so common that it’s easy to think nothing of it,” Hanover Park resident and local business entrepreneur Jason T stood in front of the congregation one service and said. In 2010, after nearly 15 years of marriage, Jason’s wife and the mother of his four children, asked him for a divorce.

Jason went from having a wife, a house full of children, and a small business to a mountain of bills, an empty house and a failing business. But he also had a relationship with the Lord and a church family that loved and supported him.

JasonHe didn’t open up about his pain for many months, but as a Christian from childhood he knew that he needed his church family. He stayed connected with Bloomingdale Church, where he had previously attended Sunday morning 8:30 services with his wife and children. His parents were also regular attenders. Although it wasn’t comfortable starting over again alone, Jason stayed connected by volunteering as an usher and eventually joined the Creative Collective group.

Finally, he took the time to share with Pastor Bill Calvin that the divorce had taken a toll on him and he wasn’t sure what to do. Pastor Bill suggested a local church’s divorce recovery group. He didn’t know much about it and didn’t really push Jason to check it out. Trying out new things with strangers when you are hurting is hard for anyone, but he knew one important lesson, “we are not created to handle burdens by ourselves.” It took Jason some time to finally get the courage to go… today he wishes he didn’t wait.

Jason decided that he doesn’t want others to wait to get the love and support from a church group. He knows that it is easy to get sucked into some of the poor choices this world offers – addicting substances, rushing into new relationships, life of recluse or life as a workaholic.


Jason started Bloomingdale Church’s Divorce Care group.

So Jason worked with the church to start a Divorce Care group right here at Bloomingdale Church — a safe environment with honest people that can relate to each other and share and struggle through these issues together.

If you haven’t figured out how Jason’s story is ending… well, it has a long way to go. He is back on his feet running his own small agency in Bloomingdale called JET Advertising. He is blessed with handyman skills and completed work on a fixer-upper townhome in Hanover Park. He enjoys working with the Creative Collective group and has been inspired by member Bill M who was a creative director of many famous advertising accounts during his working days.

Jason spends his free time reading, playing online video games and taking nature hikes. He’s working on reconnecting with his 3 adult children and 1 teen.

So the next time you hear about someone going through a divorce, Jason asks you to not dismiss the information. Understand that their life is turning upside down. Please tell them that there is a place they can come to where people understand what they are facing… people who have walked in their shoes.