Drive-In Service

We’re so glad to welcome you to our drive-in service! Here are some information you might find helpful.

Parking Plan

  • GREEN DOTS: Reserved for people to sit socially distanced in lawn chairs and on blankets. No cars will be allowed to park in these areas.
  • RED CARS: Reserved for those not comfortable getting out of their vehicles and those who prefer to sit next to their cars. Please park larger vehicles (vans, trucks) in the last row of red cars.
  • BLUE CARS: For the cars for the people who will be sitting up front in lawn chairs.
  • YELLOW CARS: If we experience a high volume of cars, the overflow will be the spots by the North Building, the Brick House, in front of the church building, and along the south side exit.

Important Information

  • As you enter, please tell the parking attendants your preference so they can direct you. The options:
  1. View, but not get out of the car (seniors & those with health concerns)
  2. Sit beside your car on your lawn chair or blanket
  3. Sit closer to the front on a chair or blanket next to others practicing social distancing
    We encourage all who feel comfortable to choose option #3 (See map).
  • We encourage everyone to bring a lawn chair or blanket and spread out at a social distance. Only inclusive family groups should sit closer than 6 feet. Please no handshakes, fist bumps, or hugs, and everyone should have a face mask.
  • Please do not approach the open window of another car at a distance of less than 6 feet. Drivers should turn off the vehicle, but those who remain in their vehicles in the back rows may turn them on to use the AC.
  • There is an outside sound system and a low-frequency transmitter (FM 88.3) brings the sound to the vehicle’s radios.
  • Children (3 yrs-3rd grade and 5th & 6th graders) will be dismissed for Children’s Programming in the adjacent parsonage garages during the second part of the service (Wellness Pre Check In Required).
  • Communion will remain online. No offering bags will be passed. A locked offering box that requires no physical touch is located at the south exit.

Some FAQ’s

  • What happens if it rains?
    The service will continue. Everyone should retreat to their vehicles, tune their radio to FM 88.3 and can look out the window and laugh at the silly pastors getting wet. If there’s a chance of lightning, however, the service will move inside.
  • What if I need to leave before the service is over?
    Though we prefer to avoid distractions during the service, all vehicles have immediate access to leave at any time. (No one is blocked in.) It is also courteous to avoid talking during the service, even though we are outside. The sound travels further than it seems.
  • Can I print the worship lyrics before coming to church?
    Yes, the lyrics for the weekend worship set is available online at We will also have a handout available when you arrive at the church.