“Overturning the Conventional Tables” > John 2 > 6/26+27/10

The Text: John 2 : 13-17 ; Jesus reacts to the hideous misuse of the temple courtyard which the religious leaders supported.//  Please excuse the changing audio levels is this podcast posting due to some rewiring that was done for our day camp vacation bible school.//  Pastor David Riemenschneider continues with the series on the Gospel of John and Jesus’ story, investigating what He taught and how He lived.//  In John 2 : 13-17, Jesus was agitated because he despised the fact that God’s house was being misused for commercialism by people that claimed to be God’s representatives.//  The temple was supposed to be a sacred place of prayer and the consumerism distracted from a genuine relationship with God.//  Do not allow “religion” to crowd out genuine faith or hinder others who are seeking God.//  Pastor David ends the message with some practical applications, questions, and conclusions on what we are to do.//  We need to keep a “for real” relationship and connection with God.//  Our religion should be a house of prayer, not a house of cards.//

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