Parent Resource: “Bible App for Kids”

By Daniel Riem on December 13, 2016

My favorite family meal with our kids is breakfast.  It typically has the standards: oatmeal and yogurt (everyone), waffle or cereal (Mari/Ben), baby food (Sam), and coffee (Daniel/Amy!)  Mari and Ben trade off who will thank Jesus for the food, or who will pray first.  The conversation is often about what is happening that day.  (“No, there is not Awana tonight.” “Yes, you can play in basement after breakfast.”)   But first, we do some sort of Bible devotional together.  Each day varies: Awana Cubbies/Puggles “homework”, thinking of things we are thankful for, and interacting with a Bible story using YouVersion’s “Bible App for Kids.”

I love the “Bible App for Kids”!  The narration is clear and concise.  You can interact with each picture from the story.  There is even additional activities now that go with each story theme.

What more?  I love that our kids are learning the important stories of the Bible that define the faith we hope they will know and believe.  It’s one of many faith development tools we are grateful to use.