Parents, You’re Not Alone.

Article by Dan Marcello, Young Families Pastor

Does life feel like a blur at times? Between sports, after-school activities, work, late nights with young babies, trying to pay bills, getting healthy meals on the table, keeping a vibrant marriage, or being a single parent doing it all yourself, it’s clear that life is not easy!

In the midst of all the busyness, have you ever wanted a pause button where you could reflect, recharge, and even redirect the trajectory of your family? Have you ever wanted to know that you are not alone in all of this? Have you ever wished there were others out there who have gone through what you have or could walk the same journey with you?

Well, there is a place for you here!

Our family groups are for parents who have children ages 0-18 years old. Our groups are designed to build a community to talk about life, learn together, laugh, and help one another through tough times. We get in a lot of discussion times and make as many opportunities for people to meet others who are in similar stages in life. One mom said that our Sunday morning group was like a “youth group” for us adults.

We invite you to join us either on:

  1. Sunday mornings, 9:45-11am in Coffeehouse
    We are doing a study called “Parental Guidance Required” by Andy Stanley. Topics include: How to leverage more influence in your children’s lives, setting family values, building better relationships with your children at all ages, experiential versus relational development, tips for improving bad behavior, and advice for discipline to get to root issues.
  2. Wednesday nights (starting Jan 8), 6:30-8pm in Coffeehouse
    For those who could not make it to Sunday mornings or who want to take it again, we are rebooting this same class “Parental Guidance Required” by Andy Stanley.

We hope to see you there!