“Purity in the midst of Fear and Trouble” > 12-11+12-10

The text: Matthew 1, where Joseph considers how to put the scandal  away quietly, and Luke 1, starting in verse 26.

Pastor Bill Calvin and Jen H  deliver this weeks advent message in the series “Christ in our Chaos”.  The Lord was with Mary, in a city of sin, she was committed to purity.  Jesus did not only great things, but impossible things and led a perfect sinless life.  Only Jesus could be the perfect sinless sacrifice for our sins.  Jesus is the miracle to forgive the unforgivable.  Nothing is impossible with God !!

This weeks TAP:

Monday Dec. 13: Luke 1 :26-38

Tuesday Dec. 14: Isaiah 7: 1-25

Wednesday Dec. 15: Psalm 139

Thursday Dec. 16 : Genesis 2

Friday Dec 17: Philippians 2: 5-11