“Reaching the Senegalese in Western Africa” > 8/7+8/10

Andy B. delivers this weeks message as a missionary from Senegal who will be returning there soon.  //  When they started their ministry they were in the middle of the most extreme poverty and hardship they had ever seen.//  The Senegalese value people and friendship, but are hardened to the gospel.//  When a Muslim converts to Christianity they are kicked out of the family and society and usually end up starving and homeless and at the brink of death because they are cut off from everyone and everything.//  For that reason most who accept Christ end up back as a Muslim so that they can eat, work, and have a place to live.//  Andy also shares other unbelievable stories of Muslim practices and traditions going on in Senegal.//  On the positive side, the definition of HOPE is “confident expectation”.//  Jesus stands on our behalf, and our prayers are needed to help support our missionaries.//

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