“Rebuilding the Walls” > February 23+24, 2013

The Texts:  Nehemiah 8 ; “The Story” , page 295.   ….    Note: You may have to click on the “read more” button below to reveal the message outline and audio links.    ….    The Context: A large contingent of Jewish people have returned to Jerusalem from the exile in Babylon [now Medo-Persia].  This repentant people work together diligently in the massive task of rebuilding the city walls under the quality leadership of Nehemiah.  With the construction complete, Nehemiah realizes that for their new community to endure, they needed to embrace the moral and spiritual truth. A scribe named Ezra  [who also wrote the Book of Ezra]  , focuses the people’s attention on the written word of God.    ….    Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message, the next in the series , “The Story” , a chronological journey through the entire Bible. The people read the Word of God and listen to it explained  and then they actually DO what it SAYS to do !!   The message is preceded by the call to prayer, the welcome and call to worship, an opening prayer, and a definition of the word “dross” found in the hymn “How Firm a Foundation” .   The message is followed by the Benediction.

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