Drive-Thru Food Pantry

Wednesdays, 12-2pm
Bloomingdale Church, 264 Glen Ellyn Rd
(under the portico at the back of the church)

Life can be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. We seek to help people in the same way that Jesus reminded: “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me drink.” (Matthew 25:35)

Bloomingdale Church’s Drive-Thru Food Pantry, located at 264 Glen Ellyn Rd, is a volunteer-led team that functions completely from donated items and funds. The pantry is open on Wednesdays 12-2pm. Whether a need for food or a need to give some, our Food Pantry facilitates neighbors helping neighbors, building community.

If you are interested in serving with this dynamic ministry and being an encouragement to your community, please email There are different roles available:

  • Gleaners: Shopping for groceries once a week, deliver to church 2 hours prior to pantry distribution, and shelve your purchases into the pantry. Carts are available to aid in the transition of groceries from car to pantry. Receipts are turned in for reimbursement.

Retrieval of vendor donations: We currently receive multiple donations throughout the week from 3 Caputo’s store locations. We are working to make arrangements with additional vendors. Volunteers will be contacted as soon as we are informed that a donation is ready for pickup. Volunteers will be provided with information and asked to retrieve as soon as possible. All pickups are local. Donations should be delivered to pantry at least 1 hour prior to distribution. Carts are available to aid in the transition of groceries from car to pantry. Once inside pantry location, boxed items can be stacked on floor.

  • Packers/Distribution: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to distribution time for final organizing and group prayer. Distribution packages will be pre-made by previous shift. Distribution to vehicle trunks or back seats requires use of social distancing, masks, and ability to lift approximately 5-10 lb. bags. During lull in traffic, time will be utilized making distribution packages for the next shift. At the beginning of shift, Pantry signs will be moved to curbside on Glen Ellyn Rd and at end of shift, signs will be returned to church property side of sidewalk. Chalkboard signs will be placed in parking lot for directions prior to and after pantry distribution hour.

  • Delivery Outreach: Reach out to church attendees & members as a loving gesture to show the love of Christ, visit, and determine if assistance is needed. Provide pantry delivery as part of visit and establish schedule for future visits.

  • Ambassadors: Anyone can do this on their own schedule. When you are at a grocery store or a restaurant that you believe will make a great relationship with our food pantry, ask what the establishment does with their end of day leftovers or expired goods. These items frequently have an extended shelf life but need to be put into the hands of the consumer immediately. This is where we can help each other. Please provide our church name and phone number to interested businesses and ask them to consider partnering with our food pantry to better serve our community and eliminate food waste.

  • Organizer: The current organizer will eventually be called back to work and this ministry will need to continue. Meanwhile, we are looking for someone to cross-train and share in the responsibilities of managing the operations of the Food Pantry. This requires:

    • receiving calls from vendors that goods are ready for pick up and assigning pick up to Gleaner Retrieval volunteer
    • scheduling Gleaner Shoppers for the week
    • scheduling Packers/Distribution for the week
    • arriving at a minimum of 2 hours prior to distribution to receive donations and organize last-minute donations for distribution
    • preparing signs, managing gift cards, keeping tally of distributions
    • working with vendors to maintain functional relationships primed to grow with the expansion of pantry
    • growing new vendor relationships to meet pantry needs
    • communicate updates on Food Pantry with church staff