“Reconciliation and Redemption”>8-9-09

Jack Eggar, President, Awana International, takes us thru the fact that reconciliation with our Creator can only be had thru Christ.//He uses first an examp;e from 18th century France where lawbreakers are believed not able to be rehabilitated, so they are separated from society.//The a 21st century example where there is relativism, no absolutes, no need to change.// God’s perspective: Use the Bible as a value system.//Exodus 20, the Ten Commandments show us we are all sinners, no exceptions!!.//We all have fallen short.//James 2:10, stumble at a few means we broke them all.//Romans3:23, We all fall short.//Romans 5:12 , the wages of sin is death.//Romans 5:8, reconcile to God by putting your trust in Jesus.//2Corrinthians5:17-20, we are a new creation.//