“Review of the Future” > 11-8-09

Pastor David Riemenschneider guides us thru Revelations 17 and 18 this week.//He starts out with a quick review of what we have covered so far in Rev. 1-16; the Great Tribulation, and judgment falling on hard- hearted arrogant people.//Rev. 17 covers the judgment of Babylon, a future empire of arrogance and great wealth and oppression, drunk on the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus, a monstrous force of many.//Pastor David reviews some theories of the 10 kings, who lead the empire under the beast.//Rev. 17 also ends with the Lamb overcoming the entire evil empire.//Rev 18 is the description of the fall of the future empire, and as it falls, the nations themselves will be destroyed by the beast!.//Babylon is anyone, nation, business, etc., that defies God and brings harm to others.//Pastor David ends with answering this question: ” What are we supposed to learn and do now?.//

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