Saturday Night Live

Alpha 2014 004

We may not be “Live from New York,” but Saturday nights at Bloomingdale Church are unique. While you’ll find that Saturday worship services are identical to the Sunday worship times, the community and social gatherings afterward set Saturday night apart.

After each Saturday worship, there is an open coffee and social gathering time in the nearby Common Grounds room. Some people stop in for just a few minutes, and others stay for an hour. We provide homemade snacks along with high quality espressos, lattés, cappuccinos, regular or decaf coffee, and even ice coffee during the summer. [All coffee is served freshly roasted and delivered by Canyon Coffee.] Our goal is to provide a space for people to sit back and relax, enjoy some food, and a Saturday evening together.

You are always welcome to join us at Saturday evening worship at 5:30pm in the sanctuary and join us afterwards in Common Grounds at 6:30pm.