“Say NO With A Bigger YES” > 3/6+7/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues with the third in his series of Lenten messages,  each one covering a different spiritual discipline.//  This weeks spiritual discipline is self denial, which is saying NO to anything that conflicts with God’s Word.//  Self denial is NOT low self esteem.//  Self esteem is important as pointed out in Psalm 139:14, and should not be confused with self denial.//  Before moving on, Pastor David examines the paradox of Matthew 16:25.//  The message continues with examples of things we should say NO to that are unproductive and self destructive actions, and things to replace them with that are positive and enriching actions.//  The second point of the message is to “take up a cross” in a CHRIST centered life, not a self centered life.//  The last point is to follow the teaching and examples of Jesus, and then to answer three “self” evaluation questions.//

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