“Seeking Solitude” > 3/13+14/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues with his series of Lenten messages with the 4th spiritual discipline, which is : Solitude.//  Solitude is escaping the responsibilities and distractions of life in order to be refreshed spiritually, mentally and physically.//  A solitary place is to find a specific strategic segment in our lives to talk with God and invite Him to talk to us.//  Our model to follow is Jesus.//  Jesus managed his busy life very well.//  He was busy preaching, teaching and healing.//  He was a highly active individual carrying out a world changing mission, but found time to spend alone, away from everything, in order to pray.//  Jesus cycled between a demanding public life and private retreat for prayer and renewal.//  Jesus always withdrew from his active life for solitude and still accomplished everything he needed to .//  We need solitude to make sense of our lives, to function effectively, and to build a relationship with God.//  Pastor David ends the message with a plan to follow in order to do this.//

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