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The text: John 14:8-12

The Context: Jesus is in the upper room with His disciples at the last supper and will face a brutal death in a few days. He patiently answers their questions and explains what is going to happen. He is going to the cross, committed to God’s redemptive plan, no matter what!

Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks Lenten message in the series “No matter what”. The disciple Philip was a perplexed pragmatist. When it comes to the question “is the glass half empty or half full”? , Philip was a half full kind of guy. Philip depended on logic and facts. He was limited by what he could see. The power of God was not in Philip’s mindset. But the answer was there all along. The disciples were reluctant in faith, yet Jesus worked within them.

We need to have more faith, take a bigger step. Believe, take a step of faith, and leap into action.

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