“Some Tempting Offers” > 2/27+28/10

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues with the second in a series of Lenten messages, delivering a different spiritual discipline every week.//  This weeks spiritual discipline is to master and recall the scriptures to answer Satan’s temptations, or easy to remember: “SMASH SATAN’S LIES, BE SCRIPTURE WISE!” //  There are three main branches to this weeks discipline: 1.] Know it. 2.] Memorize it. 3.] Apply it.//  Pastor David starts with some examples of how Jesus dealt with the temptations of Satan himself and the strategy Satan uses in his temptations.//  After going thru how Jesus has taught us how to deal with temptation, Pastor David leaves us with 3 questions we need to answer for ourselves to prepare for the temptations sure to come up in our future.//

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