Sunday Kids’ Club

Children will play fun games, be a part of small groups for prayer and friendships, and hear a Bible story. The most exciting part of Kids’ Club is that after the kids hear the story, they will practice telling it to each other. Then, they will be commissioned to go home and tell it to their parents, friends, and other members of their household. Parents will hear the same story in the adult services and be better equipped to discuss the story with their children at home.

Genesis: Adam & Eve Story (Sep 19) ↓

→Watch the full episode of Kids’ Front Porch on Adam & Eve

Genesis: Creation Story (Sep 12) ↓

→Watch the full episode of Kids’ Front Porch on Creation

For parents & children:

  • During the 9-10am hour, there will also be children’s Sunday School classes for all ages, a parents’ class in the Common Grounds, and 9am worship service in the sanctuary
  • At 10am, the Sunday Kids’ Club starts in the gym with a simultaneous adult snack time in the Common Grounds after parents drop off their children in the gym
  • Sunday Kids’ Club begins at 10am (games in the gym), moves to the Kids Quad at 10:30am, and concludes at 11:30am where children are picked up by their parents
  • There is also the regular church service in the sanctuary, 10:30-11:30am
  • There will be a nursery at all Sunday church hours, 9-11:30am
  • Children are to be checked in each week at the Check-In Desk adjacent to the Kids Quad on the lower level
  • Masks are required for children and all teachers will be wearing masks