Sunday Kids Club – Coming Sep 12, 2021

Do you know any children who want to learn the important stories of the Bible? On Sunday, September 12 we are launching the weekly Sunday Kids Club. Kristen Burnette, our new Children’s Director, and Marina Riemenschneider are leading us in this new program.

Children will play fun games, be a part of small groups for prayer and friendships, and hear a Bible story. The most exciting part of Kids Club is that after the kids hear the story, they will practice telling it to each other. Then, they will be commissioned to go home and tell it to their parents, friends, and other members of their household. Parents will hear the same story in the adult services and be better equipped to discuss the story with their children at home.

We are inviting our Awana leaders/helpers (adults & teens) to help launch this strategy to serve our children. We will also be seeking some new volunteers in important roles as game leaders, storytellers, listeners to the kids’ storytelling and Bible verses, club leaders, and security.

The Five Parts of Sunday Kids Club:

(These were designed by Jack & Dona Eggar, former President of Awana and long-time member of Bloomingdale Church.)

    An active game time utilizing club games that the kids love.
    – K-3rd grade in the gym at 10am
    – Preschoolers – Preschool Room at 10am
    A storytelling segment using the key Bible stories, as well as a connected Bible verse that the children learn.
    The children practice retelling the story to each other and the memory verse with their leaders. They discuss the practical application of the story and the key verse in their own lives.
    The children say the verse as a group and sing together. They are commissioned to go tell the story to their parents and others as well.
    Parents listen to their child(ren) tell the Bible story that they just learned.
  • Children’s Sunday School will reconvene in September on Sundays at 9am.
  • Crossroads Kids Club will also reconvene as our after-school clubs in the public schools as an essential outreach of our church.