Teens OnMission in Chicagoland 2015

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Every three years, we have a trip for 7-12 grade students, dedicated to assisting a local church or community in the Chicagoland area. This summer, we will serve alongside Community Alliance Church in South Elgin, IL.

Our team will be putting on a Day Camp for children, Kindergarten-6th grade. Each morning our students will be leading kids in games, crafts, story-telling, skits, and songs. In the afternoon, students will be outside constructing a “jungle-gym” area, while others will be painting and touching-up walls within the church building. In the evening, we will gather as a group for worship, Bible study, and prayer to thank God for the day.

This summer’s team includes: Jake B., Stephanie B., Noah B., Andrew B., Jennifer B., Kayla C., Eric D., Paul D., Bella D., Trinity F., Matthew F., Mark F., Jeremy H., Luke J., Lacey J., Hannah L., Claire L., Heather M., Rafael M., Madeline O., Sebastian O., Grace P., Graham P., Jeremy P., Anthony R., Joshua R., Taylor S., Clarissa S., Joshua S., Emily T., Joshua V., Kim W., Tim W.

Follow our journey this summer on our website at www.storiesof.us