That’s Significant” > 7-28+29-12

The Text:  2 Timothy 3:10-15    ….    Please note: You may have to click on the “Read More” button below to reveal the links for the message outlines and the audio.    ….    The Context: The Apostle Paul is a good mentor to Timothy and an excellent model for us to follow in knowing how to mentor others.    ….    Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message , which is the next in the series ” Living the Truth, the Book of 2 Timothy”.    Pastor David gets a little help in the middle of the message from Timothy himself, who makes a surprise guest appearance!!.    Everything Paul did worked so well because he cared, he believed in Tim and invited him to become a mentor to others as well.    He encouraged Tim to persevere, despite the distractions and challenges ahead.     Paul also vulnerable shared his own journey, both the joys and the struggles.    ….     Message Outline Word Document     Message Outline PDF File