“The 3 D’s of the Bible” > 9-3+4-11

Pastor Bill Calvin delivers this weeks message, the last in the summer series “Why Should I Believe That?” .  This message covers the 3 D’s of the Bible. Sometimes the Bible is Difficult, Dry, and Disgusting. Difficult because of its depth, but every time you read it you get something new from it, and it leads to even more reasons to read the Bible. We need the Bible more than food. Without the Bible, our spirit will die.  The Bible may be difficult, but it is within the reach of everyone.  It is not what we do not understand, but what we do understand that can bother us.  The Bible can be dry because of the tedious detail it goes thru at times, Dry, but brutally honest and full of great advice and comfort in our darkest hours.  It is dry like Salmon, dry in a few places, but mainly delicious.  The Bible can be disgusting at times in its complete detailed description of some unsavory and strange events, but it is 100% truthful and gives honest answers. Disgusting in parts, but has 7000 promises, and has the highest authority and comfort. We live only from words from the mouth of God.  So, what should we do?  Read the Bible, pray, and ask Him !!

This weeks TAP:

Monday 9/12/11 : Psalm 119:1-40

Tuesday 9/13/11: Psalm 119:41-80

Wednesday 9/14/11: Psalm 119:81-112

Thursday 9/15/11: Psalm 119: 113-144

Friday 9/16/11: Psalm 119:145-176