The Bible Marathon Class

By Bill Calvin on June 20, 2014

Sunday at church I attended the simplest and most refreshing class. It is called the Bible Marathon class.  We sat in a circle of 18 people all with exactly the same Bible in our laps.  We started with Matthew Chapter One and each of us read 10 to 20 verses out loud and then the next person took over. Seeing and hearing the Word of God simultaneously is quietly powerful.  I did not find myself looking at my watch — much.  No one made comments.  No one made jokes. We read halfway through the gospel of Matthew in one hour. No one said anything except at the end when Brian suggested we all turn to Matthew 6 and read The Lord’s Prayer together out loud.  We meet in the sanctuary from 9:45 to 10:45am. on Sundays. You are invited to join us.