The First Free Wedding

Have you ever considered that the local church should regularly operate in a manner that is exactly the opposite of the world? For example, the world sees a couple get engaged and says: “Great! How can we make money from this couple?” ($32K, on average, according to The Knot).

In an effort to help couples get off to a good start in their marriage, Bloomingdale Church offered a free marriage preparation course that was held for five consecutive Wednesday nights and included a free dinner each night so the couples would not be so rushed. One of the pastor’s of the church worked with the couple to plan their wedding ceremony. A soloist from the church with a degree in vocal music sang. A very savvy young man took care of the sound and all the music playlists for both the service and the reception. An amateur photographer did their pictures. The church decorating committee tastefully decorated for the wedding with church-owned decorations. A deacon ordered and served the food for the reception, and an experienced wedding coordinator worked with family and friends to pull the entire occasion together.

None of these people were paid. In fact, that is what made the whole occasion especially joyful. You could feel the love of these Christians as they volunteered. We all made new friends in the process.

Today, while at L.A. Fitness a stranger came up to me and said, “That was a really nice wedding you conducted for Alexandra.”

Why is the church doing this when it could be charging for the wedding? We want to see couples get off to a good start in married life and even be able to buy a home with the money saved. If you are interested in what I’ve described go to