The Free Wedding Offer

We think that the local church should operate in a manner that is exactly the opposite of the marriage business world. Instead of charging couples for its services, the church can help them save money and have a beautiful ceremony at the same time..

In an effort to help couples get off to a good start in their marriage, Bloomingdale Church offers a free marriage preparation course held on five consecutive Wednesday nights.  It includes a free dinner each night so the couples will not be rushed in getting to the classes. One of the pastor’s of the church works with the couple to plan their wedding ceremony. The church decorating committee is willing to tastefully decorate the sanctuary and an experienced wedding coordinator is willing to work with family and friends to pull the entire occasion together.  An amateur photographer is also available to take pictures if wanted.

Can you believe it? None of these people are paid or willing to accept a fee.  They do it out of their love for God and joy in serving  people.

Why is the church doing this when it could be charging significantly for weddings?

Because we want to see couples get off to a good start in married life.   If you are interested  go to