The Good Life

By David Riemenschneider on October 17, 2015

One of the most successful, affluent leaders in all history was a king named Solomon who ruled over the greatly enlarged kingdom of ancient Israel 30 centuries ago. As a gifted and visionary leader, Solomon ingeniously multiplied the influence and wealth of his nation. He vigorously pursued a satisfying, significant life for himself as well. He was an impressive standout at many levels, for a while.

Solomon started with commendable humility, intently seeking God for help as a young man and inexperienced leader. As a result, he enjoyed the blessing of God upon him and his leadership. But then, like many who receive the privilege of great power and notoriety, Solomon began to waver. He started making incredibly dumb decisions. On a grand scale he compromised his integrity, spoiled his personal contentment and eventually crashed his legacy as a leader. He should have known better. God had given him so much. From Solomon’s colorful biography, we can glean vivid and valuable lessons concerning the essence of “the good life”, then and now.

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