“The Good Shepherd” > 9/11+12/10

The Text: John 10:1-18 //  The Context: Jesus often used common illustrations to help people understand his message. //  In John 10, he compares his mission to being a shepherd who seeks to care well for the sheep [the people]. //  In that culture, a shepherd needed to be completely committed to his sheep for them to survive. //  A good shepherd continually found them adequate food, protected them from predators, and thwarted the sheep’s  innate ambitions to wander away and get lost. //  Pastor David Riemenschneider delivers this weeks message in the series on the Gospel of John : Jesus’ story; investigating what He taught and how He lived. //  The entire message and the drama skit were presented without any spoken words, and that is why there is no linked podcast with this entry. //   There is still the message outline and TAP links at the end of the entry. //  The message begins with Psalm 96:10 and a chance to ponder the words ” Be still and know that I am God”. //  Jesus gave His life freely for His sheep, but has the power to take it back again. //  The flock will not follow a stranger, the sheep scatter. //   There are many ion the world that have destructive intentions, and impostors can be persuasive. //  The drama was a “God – man – mime” that showed how man is constantly led astray by outside influences, but God is there to pick us up and put us back on track. //  Jesus, the good shepherd sticks with his sheep, sets up boundaries to protect them, provides what we need, lays down His life for us, and continues to seek out lost sheep.

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