“The Great Confrontation” > 11-15-09

Pastor David Riemenschneider continues taking us thru the book of Revelation by leading us to an understanding of the  ‘Hallelujah Chorus of the Bible’ : Revelation 19.//This should get everyone excited because it is the culmination of human history, dealing with sin and the final judgment, and the rewards for faithfulness.//Pastor David compares and contrasts the first and second comings of Christ, and the interpretation of some key terms like  ‘the armies of Heaven” ,  ‘iron scepter’  , and  ‘King of Kings’. //A common reaction to the final battle and the final judgment is  ‘ I do not like this picture of Jesus”,  but what we need to remember is that God created us, we do not get to create Him !!//The sermon ends with 3 points on ‘ What are we supposed to learn and do now ? //

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