“The King Who Had It All” > January 5+6 , 2013

The Text: 1Kings 1-11 ; 2Chronicles 5-7 ; Proverbs 1-3, 10-11 ; “The Story” Chapter 13 .  ….    Note: You may have to click on the “read more” button below to reveal the audio link.    ….    The Historical Context: Israel’s king David of Jesse {1010-970BC} defeated the Philistines and brought peace to the land. Then David’s son , Solomon, became the 3rd King of Israel when he was a young adult around 20 years old. Under Solomon’s leadership, Israel grew into an affluent nation with over 80,000 square miles of productive land.  Solomon sought God for wisdom and his reign {970-930BC} was characterized by unprecedented prosperity and undisputed authority for many years. Solomon started well, recognizing his limitations and asking God’s help. Things went wrong when Solomon took his blessings and used them so get himself more “stuff” and possessions instead of trusting God for defense.  His disobedience included ignoring God and defying His word.  The only way to live and finish well is to obey the Word of God.    ….    This weeks message is delivered by Pastor David Riemenschneider, and is the next in the series: “The Story” ,  which is a chronological journey through the entire Bible. The message is preceded by the call to worship and the opening prayer by Dan B., and is followed by the Benediction by Pastor Bil Calvin.

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